Sat 26 - Thu 31 October 2013 Indianapolis, United States

Mobile technologies are revolutionizing our personal lives and transforming the way we do business. This talk addresses both the technology and business transformations taking place, and explains how they are encouraging organizations to rethink the way they do business. The ensuing changes affect the internal business processes related to employees and the external customer facing systems that use front office digitization. The large variety of heterogeneous platforms, form factors, native vs. hybrid applications are among the many challenges associated with developing and managing mobile applications. This challenge is further intensified by omni-channel requirements, which are driving the need for businesses to present customers with a single, transparent system—rather than multiple channels with separate inventory, processing, and delivery systems. This talk introduces new technologies from IBM Research that tackle these hurdles and address the entire application lifecycle. These innovations include: tools that help non-programmers create mobile applications, advanced services for functional and performance testing, security analysis and certification, and application usability and usage analytics. This technology transformation underlines the need for new middleware capabilities that are delivered as Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS). These services can include capabilities such as location, push, cloud code, and data synchronization; all these can be delivered as part of a comprehensive API management system. In addition to platform challenges, this talk shares a peek at some new mobile solutions, including advanced authentication services, urban mobility, education, healthcare, patient centered care, and more.