Sat 26 - Thu 31 October 2013 Indianapolis, United States

I will present the LogicBlox database and describe business applications that use it. The LogicBlox database marries declarative programming (logic-based specifications) with cloud deployment over large datasets. The database is programmed with a variant of the Datalog programming language. The flexibility of declarative programming allows us to integrate both traditional business application development and “probabilistic” applications: machine-learning or search-based solutions, as required by the domain. Our approach aims to eliminate the distance between prototyping and deployed, high-performance implementations. I will discuss real customer applications and actual deployment instances that elastically adapt to several thousands of machines.

About the Speaker: Molham Aref is the founder and CEO of LogicBlox and Predictix. He has over 23 years of experience leading teams that deliver high-value predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions to some of the world’s largest enterprises. Previously, he was CEO of Optimi (acquired by Ericsson), a leader in wireless network simulation and optimization, and co-founder of Brickstream (now Nomi), a leading provider of computer-vision-based behavior intelligence solutions. Molham has held senior leadership positions at Retek (now Oracle Retail) and HNC Software (now FICO). He received his bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and M.S in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.