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Shriram Krishnamurthi

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Name: Shriram Krishnamurthi

Bio: I am the Vice President for Programming Languages at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA. I’m not, really, but that’s what it says on my business card.

I believe tropical fruit are superior to all other kinds. I’d probably rather be out riding a bike up a mountain (slowly). I am terrified of success, because I may be forced to buy a suit. You can learn other things about me from my very serious Web site.

I am also known to interrogate my audiences to ensure they’re paying attention. So, be alert. You can read email later.

Affiliation: Brown University, USA

Personal website: https://cs.brown.edu/~sk/


DLS 2013Author of Whalesong: Running Racket in the Browser within the Research Papers-track
Author of TejaS: Retrofitting Type Systems for JavaScript within the Research Papers-track
Onward! 2013Author of Usable Security as a Static Analysis Problem: Modeling and Reasoning About User Permissions in Social-Sharing Systems within the Research Papers-track
SPLASH 2013Author of Panel — MOOCs: Early Experience within the SPLASH-E-track
Author of Bootstrap: Programming Games with Algebra within the SPLASH-E-track

Author of Debate: Should Software Conferences Respect Software? within the Panels-track
Author of Python: The Full Monty; A Tested Semantics for the Python Programming Language within the OOPSLA-track
Author of JavaScript as an Intermediate Language within the Keynotes-track
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