Sat 26 - Thu 31 October 2013 Indianapolis, United States
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One VM to Rule Them All

Research Papers People: Mario Wolczko, Doug Simon, Gregor Richards, Christian Humer, Gilles Duboscq, Lukas Stadler, Andreas Woess, Christian Wimmer, Thomas Würthinger

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All about the with Statement in JavaScript: Removing with Statements in JavaScript Applications

Research Papers People: Changhee Park, Hongki Lee, Sukyoung Ryu

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One VM to Rule Them All

Onward! People: Thomas Würthinger, Christian Wimmer, Andreas Woess, Lukas Stadler, Gilles Duboscq, Christian Humer, Gregor Richards, Doug Simon, Mario Wolczko

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DevOps patterns to scale web applications using cloud services

Wavefront Experience People: Daniel Cukier

… in architecture patterns to make all these software components communicate accordingly …

Ultimate Architecture Enforcement — Custom checks enforced at code-commit time

Wavefront Experience People: Paulo Merson

… is communicated effectively to all developers, divergence between the intended …

MobileFirst: Future Directions in Programming and Runtime Models

Keynotes People: Gabi Zodik

… , and data synchronization; all these can be delivered as part …